FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions: Mala Bracelets

How long does it take to make? 

I usually make the bracelet the same day it's ordered, if it's one I don't already have pre-made. If my workload is higher then it may be 1 or 2 days more.

How and when do you ship?

For domestic shipments (USA) I generally use Priority Mail, and bracelets are usually shipped on the first business day after being crafted. It usually only takes a couple of days to get to you, but of course it varies. The USPS officially says "1, 2, or 3 business days, based on where your package starts and where it's being sent."

Can you put Essential Oils on them? 

Yes, the designs that have lava beads can retain essential oils for a nice relaxing or healing scent.

Can you wear these in the shower? Can you wear them to bed?

Yes on both counts. I do it everyday (I generally wear 3 at a time). The elastic string I use is very strong, and triple tied and glued. These materials evolved from experience and use.

How Did This Art Start - Why Do You Make them?

I was given a bracelet by someone I was dating, years ago. One day the string broke, and to keep her (and me) happy I ordered replacement string and a few beads. Then I realized I might as well use my artistic skills and make some custom bracelets for myself and friends.

I started out making these for beloved friends (as gifts for free), and each one was a custom creation suited tho that person's energy, as well as their color preferences, their eye color, etc. I used my intuition in picking out beads and creating a design that I felt they would love (and they always did).
Then friends or friends of friends started asking for bracelets, and I realized I needed to start charging for them to make it a sustainable on-going art.