"Love Truth Beauty" Bracelets
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Premium Prayer Bracelets

Natural gemstone beads are hand-picked and artfully sequenced by color and pattern. This is an intimate art form that reflects the colors, energy and timeless connection of the  wearer of the bracelet.

Truth, Love and Beauty are three eternal perfumes of the Absolute, the Divine in all of us. 

I originally started making these for friends, to match their individual being and personality, their eye color, clothe preferences, what colors they like, etc.  They are a form of art for the body. Soon others were requesting them, so I am now offering these in this convenient way that supports the art.  

Each bracelet comes with a provenance signed by the artist, with a list of beads used.


Note: Some of these crystal gemstones are said to be healing. In any case, love and energy went into their creation.  🙂


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